What is MissGFY? MissGFY is a quarterly contest for industry females that are in the adult business and are members of GoFuckYourself.com. The MissGFY contest allows for industry females to compete for a exclusive advertising spot on GFY. The quarterly winners will receive a priceless position for advertising their website and affiliate program for the very affordable $100 entry fee per quarter.

How does it work? Take a look at the MissGFY Schedule to the right. Using this schedule you can see that the registration months for contestants are marked by a white bar and the voting months for the members of GFY are marked by an orange bar. The winner for each quarter will be determined at the end of each voting month. The winner then gets to be in the top left spot of GFY!

Want to vote? Check the calendar to the right! If it is a voting month, simply click the model below that you would like to vote for! You will be required to enter in your GoFuckYourself.com login information and will be limited to one vote per day -- Happy Voting!! (Click here for MissGFY Banners)

2010 Q4 Contestants

August Contestants

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